15 Second Animation

Introduction At the start I was secretly dreading this assignment, possibly because the previous one left a bad taste in my mouth but when I was invited to join Rebecca, Robert and Michelle, I knew we were going to work well together. I have previously worked with Rebecca who is a pleasure to work with. … More 15 Second Animation

Semester Reflection

I found this semester challenging in a way that I was not expecting. I was well aware that our projects will be heavily computer based and the initial challenge was pumping myself for that. It wasn’t so much the software that drove me insane, it was the challenge of working with a team dynamic that clearly was not a … More Semester Reflection

Head Model Topology

Research Before even beginning to tackle this task, I found one particular piece that my lecturer briefly showed during his slide show quite interesting. I went back to the slides and further researched a detailed guide on how to model a realistic human head by Thundercloud. The website covers most important elements of modeling a … More Head Model Topology